WebNetNaira Goes Global


Members Count: 41,801 | Activated Account: 23,035

Febuary 2015 Payout: N126,000


WebNetNaira runs a Global financial empowerment scheme programme designed since 2006 but fully functional in 2010 to help her members eliminate poverty and to create funds to help carry out some financial projects. WebnetNaira has come in a new dymension, to see everyone leverage the internet. To use the internet as a tool to makingmoney online globally. It is researched that only 20% of people who go online actually make money online. That is why WebNetNaira has put in place this system to give you the opportunity to leverage the internet and to create automated wealth. WebNetNaira is a social networking membership website that gives her members an opportunity to make wealth from the internet through it refferal scheme and software products sales. Selling just 1 of our softwares earns you N20,000. The more you sell the softwares online/offline, the more you earn. Click here to learn about our software products. WebNetNaira will help you earn enough money to run through your financial hazzles. Click here to REGISTER to become a member and to start earning.


  • Benefits To You

    WebNetNaira operates through a refferal system which enables you to earn constant N2,000....


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  • How Do I Register ?

    To become a member of WebNetNaira is Very easy.

    You need a username...

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  • Members Freebies

    We offer to all our registered members lots of Freebies.

    To get our freebies....

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  • How It Works

    Our system has been made perfectly to help you earn instantly

    after registration...

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  • Sell & Earn $600/Month

    Sell WebNetNaira Products

    and earn upto $600/month...

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  • Free Downloads

    Our download section offers

    members the opportunity to download ebooks & videos....

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  • Advertisers

    Advertising your username gives

    a lot of advantage over other members as your username is...

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  • Activate Account

    Activated members enjoy 100%

    benefits the program offers. Their payments....

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Shortly about us

WebNetNaira is a Networking company that has existed since 2010 with over 40,000 registered members.
Over the past 4 years, we have paid out over N6.2 million Naira to members. We are still growing and expanding and making sure all our members leverage the internet maximally by making money online. We keep innovating new strategies that will in turn favour our members. We hope to help reduce poverty in Nigeria to 3%. Thanks for been with us. Contact us if you have better ideas to how we can make the service better. Keep reffering, Keep earning.

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