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How our system works


As an activated member member of WebNetNaira, you automatically own a downline. And all you need to have this downline is to reffer just one person, it then goes on, until you have 5 activated downline members,only then will you be paid N2000. You are paid (N2000) for people you don't know at all. Each time your referals refers another, you are paid N400. Immediately your downline complets 5, your payment of N2,000 is made to you, the first person you referer start your downline again. You keep earning even while you sleep.

Note: Your downline payments are only paid to you when your 5 activated downline members are complete.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our dowline payments have been amended from N600 to N400 per downline and total earning from N3000 to N2000. That is, for every 5 successful downlines you have, you will be paid N2000. This adjustment is made to anable the Management of WebNetNaira continue carrying out it's operation. Please bear with us. Thanks


Your power line is the number of direct refferals you make into WebNetNaira. When your first referal activates his WNN account, you automatically become a sponsor and you also earn an instant N2,000 payment. Note: Your power line payments are paid into members bank accounts only on every Tuesdays and Wednesdays of every week.


You can also increase you earnings with our Afiliate BETLIKEME Program. BetLikeMe is another investment platform owned by WebNetNaira Enterprise. As an activated member of WebNetNaira, for every 1 person you reffer to the BLM program, you will earn 10% of what ever the person loads in his/her BLM account for life. But the earning is for Activated members only.



XFT products

Our products are known as Xtreme Fuel Treatment XFT. It is a product that is being introduced to the general public for the first time since its invention more than 20 years ago. The product has been used industrially and commercially for over two decades. With an extensive and proven history and track record through out the world, the use of Xtreme Fuel Treatment provides substantial and verifiable results. The addition of XFT to fuel results in considerable benefits, including energy saving, smoke abatement, pollution and the prolonging of life of machinery and engines. No other fuel treatment on the market today provides the comprehensive benefits found in Xtreme Fuel Treatment.


BENEFITS OF Xtreme Fuel Treatment (XFT)

1. Increases Fuel Economy: This reduces fuel consumption, resulting increase fuel economy.

2. Prolongs Engine Life and Reduces Engine Wears: A cleaner and more lubricated engine means better performance and reduces wear.

3. Improves vehicle performances & Horsepower: Burns more of the available BTU in fuel, resulting in better performance.

4. Reduces harmful emissions and Poullutants: Reducing harmful pollutants coming from exhause pipe results in a cleaner environment.

Watch this video to learn how the XFT products works


Testimonies Of African Using This Products there by Saving up to 40% income from Fuel/diesel Consumption


___________________ LETS MAKE A LITTLE MATHEMATICS___________________


2 Persons (1) day = N4,000

4 Persons (1) day = N8,000


5 Persons (1) week =N10,000

10 Persons (1) week =N20,000

10 Persons (1) month =N20,000

20 Persons (1) month =N40,000

_______________________SAY GOOD BYE TO POVERTY _______________________