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What is WebNetNaira ?
WebNetNaira in a financial empowerment program designed to help individuals, groups and others to create funds to enable them being able to carry out some financial projects. It is a special way that helps people generate funds for there projects.
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How do i get started ?
For you to enjoy the benefits of this program, you must register with us to create a Webnetnaira account, so we could have your datas. Registration is FREE. Then after making your registration, you must get your WebNetNaira account activated before you can start enjoying all the benefits of the program.
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How do i activate my WebNetNaira account ?
For you to get your account activated. Please click here
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What do you mean by a sponsor ?
A sponsor is a user who has gotten his WebNetNaira Account activated. Any of your first referers to activate his/her account makes you a sponsor. Please check "How how our system works" for more details.
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What do i stand to gain if i become a member ?
If you become a member of WebNetNaira, you stand a chance to be paid N2,000 for every direct member (powerline) that joins through your link or username. You get paid N3000 for every 5 indirect referer (downlines)and you also stand a chance to download our market resource products for free.You also stand a chance to sell the products and keep the commission for yourself.
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How do i get paid ?
You get paid directly into your registered bank account giving to us by you.
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When do i get paid ?
Our payments are every Tuesdays and Wednesdays of week. This are the days we pay our members.
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Can i register more than one account with Webnetnaira ?
Yes, you can choose to make as many WebnetNaira accounts.
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I don't know a referal ?
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How do i get referals ?
In the member area of WebNetNaira, there are tools made available to help you make as many referers with just a click.
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Will i be able to see my referals ?
Yes, you will be able to see and and track your referers in your personal account when logged in to your member area.
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Do you provide support ?
Yes, WebNetNaira has a 100% support for its members. WebNetNaira has a 24 hour call center provided for you to reach at any time of the day.
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Can i get refund ?
No, you don't get refund because as soon as you register and get your account activated, your sponsor gets paid.
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